Jimmy John's
Vehicle Wraps

Off-the-Wall Maverick Studios Fulfill Off-the-Wall Request

Maverick Studios is all about doing things differently than 'normal' agencies. That means we handle things other companies may not have the experience to do. In January 2022, Jimmy John's tasked us with an exciting request- creating a vehicle wrap for a Ford Bronco.

To alleviate any issues and enhance what makes each vehicle special, Mike designs vehicle wraps in a three-dimensional space where he can see how the cars look from potential angles.

Whether someone is checking out the vehicle from the side, back, front, or even an eagle eye's view- they can enjoy the design and all its intricacies no matter what!

Luckily, our Senior Designer, Mike Bailey, brings over thirty years of vehicle wrapping experience to the table. So, what's the big challenge? Every vehicle comes with its individual qualities, both good and bad, so you must consider several different variables.

"I have worked on vehicle wraps for everything from small cars to monster trucks, and I find the work fascinating. It's interesting to find a way to bring every side of the car's design together in a way that flows well." -Mike Bailey, Senior Designer

Maverick Studios has already created three vehicle wraps and are continuing to work on more. The Creative Team is looking forward to taking on more projects that require that outside-of-the-box thinking and delivering exceptional creatives to our clients.