Buffalo Wild Wings
Social Media: Design/Graphics

Mavericks Studios Help Knock Out Saucy Competition

When your brand's competitors are bringing out something new, you bet Maverick Studios can help you launch a bigger, better, and saucier product! That's what we did for Buffalo Wild Wings in the Summer of 2022.

Maverick Studios handled this release from the concepting and storyboarding to graphic design and production. Check out part of our super saucy storyboard above!

It was time to let the world know. The Saucy Chicken Sandwich with 26 choices of sauces and seasonings is here! This email hero was the perfect way to get people excited about BDUBS' tasty sandwich.

The Buffalo Wild Wings team came to us to ideate and deliver creative for their brand-new Saucy Chicken Sandwich. The catch? We had to beat the release of Wing Stop's chicken sandwich, which came in 11 sauces and flavors. Not only did Buffalo Wild Wings release the Saucy Chicken Sandwich first, but it also comes in 26 sauces and seasonings to choose from, making BDUBS the Boss of Sauce!

“Being a Maverick means doing something that has never been done before and doing so with the help of your team. This project was only possible through the combined forces of several team members, all working to create an excellent product in an incredibly quick turnaround. From ideation to final product, the project was not only successful, but an incredible learning experience for our studio.” -Lorena Carapaica, Motion Graphic FX Artist

The Saucy Chicken Sandwich’s release was a significant win for Maverick Studios. We ideated the creative and successfully executed the launch. Furthermore, our team grew in production knowledge and capabilities by partnering with Creative Filter to film the TV spot.