Packaging Design

Maverick Wins GDUSA Award for Baskin-Robbins International Packaging

In 2022, Baskin-Robbins International began the process of revamping the brand’s visual identity. The goal was to remain optimized for international markets - while also evolving the look to be rooted in US expression. Of course, Maverick is always game to work on anything ice cream related.

The creative team began with tackling the pre-pack ice cream category. A field trip to the grocery store was deemed necessary to gain understanding of the current landscape. BR International wished to set themselves apart while still looking relevant.

The creative team underwent several concepting phases until we reached three strong side and lid designs for testing. The BR International team performed external testing with the new designs versus current and chose a winner. We were so excited to flush out the chosen design across all flavors.” – Laura Frisvold, A.C.D.

One challenging added element to the project was the required English and Arabic for all copy, including nutrition and ingredient facts. The print production team flexed their capabilities as well, producing over 50 different individual package files.

Maverick went on to win a 2023 Graphic Design USA Award for its collaboration with BR International and was thrilled to see the design spread across international grocery items like cones, stick bars, and bites. Overall, a sweet win for Maverick!