Jimmy John's

Maverick Studios Utilizes Campaign Toolkit to Create Fresh Digital

Jimmy John's decided to bring back the wildly popular LTO Summer Wraps in 2022, and our Mavericks were pleased with the opportunity to get in on the action. The ask was to apply Jimmy John's campaign toolkit to these assets while adding that special Maverick Studios touch.

JJ wanted an email campaign that would stop readers in their tracks, pulling their attention to the "Summer Wraps are Back" announcement while creating an enticing and effortless CTA tab. This email encapsulated Jimmy John's needs, driving home the fresh, clean, and light summer vibes - a perfect environment for a JJ Summer Wrap.

The creation and use of the summer ray'd background was exceptionally well received and was a success visually across the digital elements.

Jimmy John's wanted the creative for the emails and digital assets to really pop and attract new customers, as well as those who enjoyed the LTO wraps from last year. They wanted motion, brightness, and engagement, especially in promoting the brand-new Thai Chicken Wrap.

"There was some uncertainty if pushing the boundaries in this way would be approved. There is also always a challenge when working on the same campaign across agencies to ensure our creative still fit with the overall look/feel of the LTO Wraps Campaign."

This project is a prime example of what it means to provide high-level service and creativity while maintaining the client's desires. Maverick Studios was allowed to think outside the box, a challenge we're always up to!