Maverick Tackles Entire Dunkin’ Hot & Cold Beverage Lineup in Epic 2-Day Shoot

In July 2023, Maverick was approached with a challenging and somewhat daunting task: to shoot the entire Dunkin’ hot and cold beverage lineup with new packaging on a two-day production schedule. Maverick took this as an opportunity to shine, and immediately got to work!

Maverick planned and developed a system for the shoot that made the two-day production possible while saving the client a significant amount of money.

This was Maverick’s first large scale national shoot with Dunkin’ so the team was determined to nail it, even with the time crunch. The team was eager to establish trust and prove ourselves capable of the job.

The team’s biggest challenge was perfectly capturing the complicated liquid mixing shots for the iced beverages. That, along with the sheer volume of assets needed, forced the team to be on their A-game.

“The group composition shot came out great, and this particular asset is used widely in stores and across Dunkin’s’ marketing landscape. Maverick was pumped to see this asset become so high profile.” – Gerald De Bruijn, A.C.D.

The Maverick production team was assigned a task that shouldn’t have been possible in a 2-day shoot. Not only was it done but done well. What’s more maverick than that?