Maverick Studios Provides Top Notch Branding for 2021 Arby’s Worldwide Convention

In 2021, Arby's hosted its first ever in-person Worldwide Franchise Convention since the pandemic began. The convention took place in beautiful Denver, Colorado, on September 20 through September 22. The ask was simple yet complicated, with various signage and visuals needed to fill the large-scale conference. Inspire wished the overall theme of the creative to fall under the inspirational phrase, "Continue the Climb.'

This banner is a perfect example of the feeling this signage should embody, as it is one of the first things attendees see when they enter the space. The mountain graphics and copy are bathed in classic Arby's red to illustrate power and unity.

Maverick Studios created enticing and welcoming signage for the various food and beverage booths set up for attendees.

Our Mavericks utilized the in-depth style guide created by Inspire to execute the vision. To complement the breathtaking location of the conference, there was heavy usage of strong and bold mountain top graphics to symbolize the strength of Arby's brand.

Overall, the vast, mountainous, and high-altitude imagery throughout the conference drove home one of the conference's most important takeaway messages: to ignite current and future franchisers and to remind all the unlimited potential and heights Arby's can reach.