Social Media

Maverick Studios Pitches & Shoots Social Content for SONIC® $1.99 Small Shakes

Maverick goes above and beyond what’s expected once again! Sonic came to Maverick for paid social creative adaptations from existing photography and TV commercial footage for $1.99 Small Shakes. However, Maverick took the ask one step further and pitched social-first conceptual ideas that could be captured in a social dedicated video/photo shoot. From there, the Sonic team chose an idea of “breaking the 4th wall” featuring an influencer they were interested in working with, and the content creation process began!

The Maverick team assessed the ask and decided that the best approach was producing paid social ads that were conceptualized/designed with a social-first mindset instead of forcing existing creative into the social space. Maverick wanted the creative to feel natural to the platforms it was running on — TikTok, Meta and Snapchat.

Production did not come without its challenges. It was over 90ºF the day of the shoot, which was outside, on-lot at Sonic. The team had Sprinter vans with air conditioning running for talent, but the AC went out and a new van had to be rushed over. To correlate with the $1.99 deal being available all day, footage was taken during the day and night, along with about 10 outfit changes from the influencer to look like she was enjoying shakes over multiple days. After a very long day, all the necessary footage was captured, and the second phase could begin — editing, copywriting & trafficking the final products to the client!

Being a Maverick is all about doing things never done before. This was the first time Maverick Studios executed a paid social-focused shoot for Sonic. By taking the initiative and proposing ideas that weren’t necessarily “asked” of the team, Maverick was able to accomplish something totally new and the results proved it was worth it!