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Maverick Studios Designs Packaging for Jimmy John’s New Limited-Edition Pickle Chips

Time to brine and dine! Jimmy John’s came to Maverick with a pickle-tastic ask: a few packaging concepts for the new LTO Pickle Chips for a market test that would later launch nationally. JJ’s assigned our Mavericks because they were looking for a fun design that looked nothing like the standard chip bag design.

The Maverick team knew this assignment was a big dill. Designers took the liberty of this free-range project and ran with it, creating five distinct packaging concepts for client to select from. However, this project did not come without its obstacles. This was a quick-turn assignment, and it was the designer’s first packaging project! The five concepts presented to client included an all-green bag, a two-tone green bag, a light green design with small pickle pattern all over it, and two black bags, one with a realistic pickle on the front. Nailing down the perfect dill, pickley-green for printing proved to be another challenge. Maverick had to partner with the packaging printer and took several tries to ensure the shade of dill was correct.

After weeks of hard work, the pickle chip bag came to life. Client chose the light green concept with a small pickle pattern. This whimsical design was inspired by JJ’s green pickle hat and looked nothing like any of the other chip bags — exactly what client had requested. This was a big win for the Maverick team, especially because the packaging design/look & feel was then pulled through paid social, email and digital.

Although this was a quick turn project, Maverick pulled through with flying colors. Our team was able to see it through from brief to final product including concepting, design, print production and photography of the product to be used across the JJ’s channels. Never a dill moment at Maverick!