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Graphic Design

Maverick Showcases Inspire’s Community Impact in the Inaugural Good Citizens Report

Across 2022, Inspire’s Impact Team worked with Maverick Studios to create Inspire Brands' ESG report highlighting the progress our organization and collective brands have undergone focused on the environment, sustainability, and corporate governance.

Maverick worked hand in hand with various stakeholders across Inspire to showcase our impact for good across our communities.

The Good Citizens Report was ultimately launched with a larger sustainability push as well as a redesign of the Inspire Brands Impact site where visitors can download and read the report.

Several copies are available throughout the Inspire Support Center for team members and visitors to gain knowledge of Inspire's journey to ignite and nourish change.

“One of our biggest challenges along the way was to ensure our brands were represented with their best foot forward. Close collaboration with our production and creative teams was essential to showcase the best of who we are.” - Damalas Moreland

Designing the Good Citizens Report is the perfect example of Maverick behavior. The team was thrilled to roll up their sleeves and take on a task that had not been done before within the company.