Jimmy John's
OOH (i.e. Billboards)

Maverick Studios Provides Creative for Massive Jimmy John’s Billboards

Maverick was asked to bring various billboard concepts to life, all surrounding one of Jimmy John's classic logos, "The Sandwiches of Sandwiches." Because the requested copy creative was so specific, the design team could take the reins from the start and bring this concept to life.

The Maverick design team wanted to go bold with the design to match the intensity of the sandwich graphic. They thoughtfully curated an effortless "back to basics" aesthetic to drive home Jimmy John's powerful yet simple message: "The Sandwich of Sandwiches.

The theme continues with "taking it back to basics" for this billboard. The team wanted to further express the message's punch, simplicity, and boldness. A significant cornerstone of Jimmy John's is their quality of fresh-cut meat and veggies.

What sets this project apart is Maverick's extra close collaboration with the JJ Brand team and vendor to get every detail right, which was highly crucial for this project as the final asset arrives in its final form as a giant billboard.

"This was one of JJ's largest OOH buys in Atlanta, and it was an honor to be trusted to design the creative throughout the whole buy."

This massive campaign illustrates how much the Maverick team can succeed working cross-functionally by breaking large projects into manageable tasks to reach absolute precision and prioritization of detail.