Maverick Leads Creative Vision for SPARK 2023

In 2023, Stuart Brown of the Inspire Foundation approached Maverick with an opportunity to bring to life his vision of a large industry gathering in Atlanta, similar to the previous event “Dream Big Atlanta.” The goal was to bring together foundation suppliers, charitable organizations, and internal and external stakeholders across Inspire to foster fundraising and education.

Due to the event’s potential size and significance, open communication between Maverick and Stuart’s team was essential. After several creative meetings exploring the foundation’s vision and goals for the event, Maverick quickly got to work on creating mood boards and mockups.

Maverick and the Inspire Foundation team quickly aligned on an initial visual identity, manifesto, and style guide. The creative team laid the foundation for production partners and vendors to clearly execute on the aligned vision to bring the event to life!

Well, it wouldn’t be an Inspire project without an exciting curveball thrown in! The focus of the entire event shifted, and in a few short weeks, Maverick helped the foundation pivot completely to achieve their new goal. The foundation now wished to focus on uplifting youth in collaboration with charitable organizations across the greater Atlanta area.

The creative team supercharged their efforts, acted fast, and created a new identity that would eventually become Spark 2023. To put it simply, this vision would not have been accomplished without the unwavering trust of Stuart and his team, which allowed Maverick to get the job done!