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Maverick Goes Above and Beyond ‘Meating’ Arby’s Expectations

Over the past few months, Arby’s has turned to Maverick to carry out more of their digital projects. With more assignments comes a better understanding of what client is looking for regarding messaging and design. A request came in to develop social media and email assets to promote Arby’s $1 Sliders and free delivery campaigns, with goals including driving online orders and increasing user sign-ups. Per usual, the team threw themselves in headfirst, eager to take on this new challenge with a clearer understanding of client expectations and excitement to deliver a project with multiple messages.

Emphasizing the value of this campaign was the primary objective. Secondary objectives included the other messages — free delivery, app downloads, app orders only and first orders only. Since most of the assets were intended for social media, the team concentrated significantly on animation, as these typically achieve higher engagement. The creative team developed concepts that effectively and succinctly delivered the message while showcasing enticing, crave-worthy food imagery.

Like any other assignment, this one did not come without its challenges. With multiple messages, navigating the messaging hierarchy to prioritize the free sandwich while still highlighting the other aspects proved to be challenging. Given the extensive information to convey, avoiding excessive wording while effectively communicating the offer’s message was crucial. This project was different because it held significant importance for Arby’s. They pursued an aggressive strategy to acquire new user sign-ups and incentivize consumers to engage with their app, fighting against the fact that mainly older demographics interact with the brand. Leveraging both paid advertising and email marketing initiatives, Maverick played a pivotal role in amplifying the brand’s message and promoting these enticing offers to reach Arby’s goals.

The Maverick team went above and beyond meating client’s expectations, running successfully across both channels and even extending beyond its initial duration due to positive consumer response. This project not only helped with Arby’s brand awareness but also demonstrated the effectiveness of the messaging and promotional offers in driving customer engagement and loyalty. Specifically, Maverick received excellent feedback on the animations. They were successful in engagement and highlighting three distinct products while maintaining clarity and impact of the value offer messaging. This assignment exemplifies the Maverick spirit through the team’s innovative approach and commitment to pushing creative boundaries. By leveraging animation and staying true to Arby’s brand identity, creative direction was elevated to drive a highly effective digital campaign. Notably, this was the team’s first time using animation for an Arby’s campaign. The inclusion brought fresh perspectives and allowed for more in-depth conceptualization and creative execution. With a satisfied and impressed client, this is another huge step in the right direction towards tackling more Arby’s assignments. Way to go, Maverick Studios!