Maverick Studios Highlights Signature Ingredient for Educational Video

Since the launch of Arby's in Mexico in 2020 and Puerto Rico in 2021, Inspire has learned through social engagement and store research that customers in these markets are not as familiar with Roast Beef as in American markets. Because Roast Beef is a core protein for the Arby's brand, Inspire reached out to Maverick Studios to brainstorm digital ideas for Roast Beef education.

It was essential to include as much information as possible about the prep and handling of Arby's Roast Beef to educate customers on its impeccable quality. The Maverick Studios team set out to execute Inspire's vision for a 30-second commercial (with the added challenge of an optional 15-second breakdown in the spot) aimed at potential International consumers to educate and excite customers on Arby's famous hand sliced Roast Beef.

Inspire specifically wanted to feature the Beef and Cheddar Stack, a popular item in the international market. The Maverick Studios design and production team captured the delicious build of the sandwich.

The challenge for this ask was all about tone. Inspire wanted the video to look serious and professional to illustrate Arby's prioritization of high-quality meats while not appearing "too serious" to detract young viewers.

Arby's brand takes its meat seriously but never itself. The Maverick Studios team thrived in finding this balance while creating a simultaneous attractive and digital educational asset.