Graphic Design

Maverick Develops Iconic SONIC Midnight Tumbler Campaign

We all love SONIC for their famous drinks and classic late-night vibes, so it’s no surprise fans went crazy on social media for the possibility of an all-black SONIC drink tumbler!

The Maverick creative team was tasked with photography production and developing a social campaign for the much-anticipated product. What better time to launch than everyone’s favorite late-night holiday, New Year’s Eve!

“Our #1 priority was quick execution. We immediately dove into shooting the “Midnight Tumbler” while simultaneously creating a social strategy and designing social assets.” Laura Frisvold, ACD

“Our team did a fantastic job with capturing the fun neon glow.”

While this was a small but mighty project, our successful execution was huge for the team. Maverick gained trust and respect from the brand in our production and digital marketing capabilities, eventually leading to an extremely fruitful relationship in 2023.