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Maverick Captures Dunkin’ Spirit with Award Winning Manifesto

In 2022, the Dunkin’ team approached Maverick with concepting and creating a manifesto video to coincide with the new “American Go” campaign. The goal was to remind consumers the true ethos of the brand: “America Runs on Dunkin’.”

The main idea was to illustrate that Dunkin’ is there for us all -- from stay-at-home parents, to podcasters, to entrepreneurs, corporate workers, and beyond. The team gathered incredible moments from previous captured Dunkin’ footage and worked quickly and efficiently in molding the story.

The video truly encapsulates Dunkin’s rich history and significant role in Americans’ lives. This creative later went on to win Graphic Design USA’s American Graphic Design Award in 2022.

The Maverick team was proud to deliver an impactful and memorable video with the resources we had. We heavily leveraged footage from the Inspire Brands Recruitment Marketing Shoot to showcase Dunkin' team members in action. A brand manifesto video of this significance might traditionally go to a bigger agency with a heftier budget for shoots and voiceover.

“We needed to drive home the idea of “American Ambitionists” the Dunkin’ brand identifies with – without using this terminology outright. Our copywriter did a wonderful job of finding the right balance of light heartedness and brevity while still packing a punch.” Kyle Smith, Content Editor.

But, because we are true Mavericks, the team executed the client’s vision on a shoe-string budget. Our scrappiness and collaboration across the entire team turned out to be our greatest strength.