Buffalo Wild Wings
Print Buying/Management (Merchandising Production)

Legendary Concepts for Legendary Gift Cards

Every two years, Buffalo Wild Wings refreshes their Gift Cards to ensure they stay trendy and relevant. In 2021, Maverick Studios concepted high-level creative to help launch four captivating, new gift cards.

Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards can be the perfect gift for any occasion. Our designers curated concepts for all giftable moments, whether it may be for a birthday or Teacher’s Appreciation Day.

Whether you want to thank a friend or surprise your partner with a fun game night at BDUBS, this saucy gift card with gold foil is a general design you could use for any giftable moment.

While coming up with exciting ideas isn't foreign to Maverick Studios, the three designers didn't just throw out any four concepts. They had the challenge of coordinating the four gift cards so they would feel like a set when displayed on the gift card stand.

"The collaboration between the Buffalo Wild Wings brand, the Gift Card team and Maverick Studios resulted in some awesome, high-level creatives for the client to choose from." -Laura Frisvold, Associate Creative Director

This project showed amazing teamwork, but also, great, new use of the brand for an existing product. Overall, our clients from Buffalo Wild Wings were thrilled to have a set of cohesive designs that captured unique occasions relevant to the brand.