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Inspire Finance Unifies All Brands as One

In 2022, Inspire Brands’ Finance Group kicks off a key consolidation initiative unifying the different financial systems, processes, and people under a “One Inspire Approach.”

Through captivating and informative videos, Maverick Studios helped introduce, inform, and update the Inspire Brands organization to this transformative initiative.

Pictured above are our creative Shot list and Storyboard that Maverick Studios Production Team created for an extensive Video shoot at the Atlanta Global Support Center. One of our challenges was to curate impactful, engaging, and informative videos that would carefully represent Inspire’s unique culture and people while informing a variety of Team Members from Dunkin’ to Jimmy Johns updates in this ongoing initiative.

In the end, Maverick Studios supported the launch of another innovative program featuring Inspire Team Members and detailed storytelling to update our organization on the changes and impacts that will affect many of our fellow team members.

With the storytelling and production expertise of Maverick Studios, our team became a crucial Ally as Inspire Brands continued to ignite change within the larger organization.