Graphic Design

Inspire Brands Ignites and Nourishes the Dreams Through Restaurant Grant Program

In the Summer of 2021, Inspire Brands Human Resource Group launched a first-of-its-kind Grant Program giving away $1,000 Grants to Restaurant Team Members in Company Restaurants.

Through posters and other related materials, the Maverick team helped generate awareness towards this new Inspire Brands initiative with creative materials curated for Company restaurants. Later, we took on the challenge of producing videos and related materials to showcase how impactful this program was on our team members throughout Inspire Brands and beyond.

Pictured above are the Branded concepts of the Posters for In-Company restaurants. One of our challenges was to curate impactful, engaging, and versatile posters that would live in hundreds of restaurants within the Inspire Portfolio of brands and encourage Team Members from BWWs to Sonic to participate in the program.

In the end, over 100 recipients received Grants in the program. The funds went toward starting or finishing school, purchasing laptops or textbooks, and other ways to impact the team members' lives.

“This project is a great example of Maverick Studios being a tremendous Ally for the Inspire Brands ­Human Resource Group and helping make this one-of-a-kind program come to life and affect the lives of Team Members throughout our company restaurants.” -Damalas Moreland, Client Relations and Project Planning

Through Design and Video, Maverick Studios helped supercharge the launch and awareness of this incredible internal initiative.