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Delicious Digital Content for Baskin Robbins Chocolate Collab

The Maverick Studios production team dived into Baskin Robbin's sweet and delicious world for this project. In 2021, BR partnered with Galaxy (Dove) Chocolate to create a new limited-time flavor, Milk Chocolate Twist Ice Cream, as well as a limited-time Baskin Robbins sundae, the Galaxy Milk Sundae.

This scooping video was utilized across various digital platforms. The production team flawlessly delivered on the ask by illustrating the irresistibleness of the product using fun angles.

This Galaxy Sundae graphic was an entertaining and creative way to illustrate the build and ingredients that make up this delicious treat.

Maverick Studios were asked to create raw digital content to share across multiple platforms, including Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and the Baskin website. The goal? To create content so appetizing and alluring, one cannot help but go out and try this new ice cream flavor.

This project is a prime example of Inspire utilizing all its resources in collaboration, including the skills of Maverick Studios, to create the highest quality creative campaigns possible.