Graphic Design

Baskin Robbins Celebrates 1000th Store Opening

In February 2022, Baskin Robbins' executed a successful takeover to commemorate their 1000th store opening. To support them in their accomplishment, Maverick Studios created an animated LED light display for their big celebration in Dubai.

Originally meant to be showcased on the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, our team developed three compelling concepts. Later, we took on the challenge of tailoring those concepts to fit the technical and dimensional limitations of the Dubai Eye.

Pictured above is the "Bringing Flavor To You" concept from the first round’s storyboard intended for the Burj Khalifa. One of our challenges was to curate colorful, simple, and impactful visuals with fun text that would remain visible along the spires of the world’s highest observation wheel.

The melting ice cream was so fun we decided to use it as inspiration for the display showcased on the Dubai Eye. In the picture below, you’ll see how melting ice cream was incorporated into the final round of storyboarding!

“This project was the perfect balance of delivering eye-catching, functional visuals quickly to account for the time difference between the United States and Dubai. It was the prime example of the efficient problem-solving that Maverick Studios is known for.” -Lorena Carapaica, Motion Graphic FX Artist

In just one month, Maverick Studios brought the vision of Baskin Robbins' Dubai clients to life. Ultimately, our Creative Team delivered a sensational visual display that left our Dubai clients excited and satisfied.