Read what Associate Creative Director, Rodrigo Posada, has to say about being a team leader, his inspirations, steps to be successful and more!

How do you keep your team motivated and productive under high pressure and tight deadlines?

It is very important to pay attention to each member of your Team during busy times. You want to make sure that the workload each of them is facing is manageable, and if it isn’t, come up with a plan to redistribute.

In some cases, some Team members might need some help prioritizing what’s on their plate. Assist them by identifying those opportunities and be in contact with clients, project managers or marketing peers to come up with a plan.

If needed, fold your sleeves and jump in to help. A Creative Team should be collaborative and supportive; it’s always “us”, never “me”. 

Who are some of your biggest influences from the world of art and design?

Hmmm. This is a tough one and probably a disappointing answer for some people. I probably don’t have individuals that come quickly to mind as a reference. With the limitless access to information we’ve had during the last 20 years, the internet, social platforms, etc., countless talented individuals and organizations have found a way to catch our eyes and brains and show us their skills and POVs. This makes it harder for me to stay attached to a few, rather than opening my eyes and absorb as much as I can from trends, ways of communication, new technology, etc. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to work with incredibly talented individuals along the way in my career, from whom I’ve tried to learn and use those learnings to help the evolution of my own professional career. But OK, from a design standpoint, I’ll give you a brand that I admire immensely: Nespresso.

What qualities does a creative director most need to be successful?

Be egoless: “Strong” personalities usually create toxic environments and work relationships, which can bring limitations to the quality of the work.

Focus on understanding individualities within the team: It is very important to learn about your team members’ skills, passions, and opportunities. This will allow you to produce the best work collectively, while you are providing valuable opportunities to the individuals.

Great creative work comes from collaboration: Creating a culture of collaboration is extremely important for a Creative Team and the work they produce. Individuals should be empowered to contribute their ideas at all times and for any project.

Be connected to your Team and have fun: In my opinion, establishing a good connection with your Team is extremely important. Encourage open and honest communication, remove layers and unify the group. And laugh together! As much as you can.

How do you measure the success of design?

This is a simple one, maybe a little cold of an answer but realistic IMO: by purchases, appropriate learning, change in behaviors, and individual or collective responses to specific visual communication.

When you are launching a new creative campaign, what does your research process look like?

I think it is very important to fully understand the following subjects and the focus of research should always start there:

  • The product or service you will promote
  • Your target audience and how they interact with it
  • The industry this product or service is part of YOUR COMPETITION!